Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Garmento! A big warm hello to all fellow Garmentos who have been in the game for over 25 years and a warm young hello to all those starting to come up in the field.

Garmento Publication is a networking devise created and used by Garment Industry Professionals. Buyers can locate vendors in our Directory, by searching their department Categories. That’s one of the reasons we encourage vendors, manufacturers and multi-line showrooms to upload images. It helps when someone is trying to get a visual of what they’re doing.

In addition to our Fashion Directory, we provide the market with the most current Classified Ads, namely; Showrooms to Share, Help Wanted, Sample Sales, Trade Show Dates and Info, and many other Industry Opportunities. Classifieds can be placed online or in our Print Issue, which is distributed to over 5000 offices and showrooms throughout the Garment District in NY and LA.

For all those looking to place a Classified Ad or make an Industry Announcement, Inquire about Rates by emailing [email protected].

Most Ads only cost a nominal upkeep fee of $50. Full page Ads and other Special Packages are available when you contact us at:

[email protected] or simply call 212 Garment (427-6368).

Thank you,

Dylan Martin.