Packing for a summer holiday is not as straightforward as it sounds. Whether you’ve opted for hand luggage, and have therefore had to bid farewell to some of your favourite beauty products, or hold luggage, and so have seized the opportunity to load up on dresses you almost definitely won’t wear (just us?), deciding what you’re going to wear for a week or two ahead of time feels unnatural. So you’d be forgiven for the odd rogue stow away item.According to a survey of 18,000 holidaymakers conducted by, more than 65% of us have suffered some sort of wardrobe malfunction while we’re away. Here are those which the survey identified as the most common- and how to avoid them next time you jet off…

1. Invest in the right shoes

Of the thousands of people quizzed on their sartorial slip-ups, 36% admitted to wearing inappropriate footwear. Heels might wield excellent elongation powers, but they don’t fare well on cobbled Mediterranean streets. Flat espadrilles (or those with a slight heel if you so desire), chunky sandals and sleek sneakers will see you through a week in the sun in style, and will also allow you to peruse market stalls without fear of toppling over. 

Castaner shoes
Castañer Kampala espadrilles, £70, 

2. Keep it simple

If there’s one thing us Brits are good at, it’s layering up. Apparently a little too good, since 26% of people admitted to overheating on holiday as a result of wearing too many clothes. Opt for simple pieces – think cotton midi dresses, and wide-leg trousers with oversize shirts – in natural, breathable fabrics, and then chuck a shawl into your straw tote in anticipation of the odd cloud or air-conditioned museum. 

J Crew dress
J. Crew Garratt tiered striped cotton-poplin maxi dress, £170,

3. Protect yourself top-to-toe

It sounds obvious, but given that 25% of people said they had forgotten to take a hat abroad with them, resulting in a burnt head, perhaps it’s not.A straw hat to ward off the sun’s rays is a holiday essential. So whether you’re partial to a floppy wide-brimmed style, or see yourself as more a fedora wearer, make sure you invest. An SPF for your hair is also advisable. Not only will it help prevent your colour from fading and ends from splitting, but it will also mean you avoid the dreaded burnt scalp that leads to a week of explaining to everyone that ‘it’s not dandruff, it’s sunburn” (again, just us?).Clarins do a very good dry oil that you can use on your body and your hair. 

plumo hat
Cap Ferret hat, £19, Plümo

4. Consult the weather forecast 

Do your research. Having got used to England’s sometimes-balmy summer temperatures (which, albeit, tend to come with scattered showers), you might be in for a bit of a surprise if you arrive on holiday without so much as a lightweight knit in your bag, to find you’ve landed in colder climes. According to, 24% of us have claimed to have felt cold on holiday as a result of not packing the right gear. So even if it’s just the jumper you had tied around your waist or the khaki jacket you had slung over your shoulder on the plane, you’ll be thankful for it when it means you can eat dinner outside comfortably. 

next jacket

Utility jacket, £48, Next

5. Approach souvenir buying with caution 

22% of holiday makers admitted to having fallen into the trap of wearing a souvenir T-shirt. But, while in the past we might have warned you to steer clear of tourist garb at all costs, with logo T-shirts (thank you Gucci) and kitsch accessories (see Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with artist Jeff Koons) taking centre stage this season, there’s never been a more apt time to experiment with an it’s-so-tacky-it’s-almost-chic T-shirt. So while you’re taking that Leaning Tower of Pisa or Taj Mahal snap, have a snoop around for wearable souvenirs while you’re at it. Just don’t go overboard.