Rubik’s Colette collaboration sells out fast


The Rubik’s kidswear collection that launched in Paris destination boutique Colette last week has already sold out, license holder The Smiley Company said on Monday.

The products debuted las part of an overall programme to turn the world’s best-selling toy into a major lifestyle brand for tweens and teens and “to celebrate the renaissance of geek culture.”

Smiley said the brand extension continues to grow through non-conventional Rubik’s channels with Colette a key example of this.

The limited edition line, which has been created by licensee Fabric Flavours, was sold out within days of launching in the store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani said: “Colette is one of the coolest concept stores in the world and it’s a real sign of the demand for Rubik’s in apparel that we have managed to get the products stocked [there]. It’s even better news that they have managed to get it sold out so quickly, I’m really encouraged by the fact that the consumers and retailers are excited by this brand extension.“

Smiley has strong connections with mid-to-higher-end labels and retailers through the many Smiley brand collaborations and this has clearly paid off in the Colette deal.

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