In round four of Michael Kors’ Glamour Games, the designer faces off with Blake Lively in a match of their own personal trivia. Some example true-or-false questions: Lively’s first kiss was when she was 20 years old; Kors’ company was this close to being called Chooch Anderson; was Lively’s girlhood crush Tom Hanks or David Letterman?; and did Kors do Jell-O shots with J. Lo?
“Blake and I have been friends for a long time and she always makes me laugh,” said Kors. “I knew our fans would enjoy learning more about her, and she definitely has a competitive side, so inviting her to be a part of Glamour Games was really a no-brainer. Her sense of humor and sunny disposition are infectious. I think the video will make people everywhere smile. She brings charm and optimism — not to mention amazing hair and style — to everything she does.”

The video goes live on Kors’ social channels today. Kors launched Glamour Games in 2015 with the designer and Gigi Hadid playing Pictionary. For the second round in 2016, he played “Guess the Fashion Icon” with Lily Aldridge. For the third installment of the Glamour Games, Kors faced off with Kate Hudson in the “Fave Game,” in which they guess each other’s favorite breakup song, outrageous red carpet ensemble, TV show, etc., in a race against the clock.

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