Garmento is a networking device created and used by Fashion Industry Professionals. There are 2 Sections; The Fashion Directory and the Classified Section. The Directory is broken down by Category facilitating a buyer’s ability to find new resources.

Garmento provides the Market with the most current Classified Ads, namely; Showrooms to Share, Help Wanted, Sample Sales, Trade Show Dates, and many other Industry Opportunities. Our Classified Section is printed monthly and distributed over 5000 showrooms both in NY and LA.

If it’s out there, it’s in here!

Save on your wardrobe by knowing where and when the next Sample Sale is. Keep an eye out for Coupons from your favorite neighborhood Restaurants and Boutiques. If you’re not sure what’s going to be hot this season; check in with us; we’ll keep you informed so you won’t miss a thread!

Garmento also interviews people of interest in the Fashion World. We relish the thoughts and insights of some of our older generation of Industry Mavens. To quote a phrase by arguably one of the greatest salesmen ever to grace 7th Avenue, Swifty Schwartz once said; “you’ve gotta let ‘em’ know you’re out there, or you could kiss em goodbye”. Garmento is committed to being the Industry’s most convenient outlet for all of your Classified & Directory needs.

Please give us a call,

“We’ll let ‘em’ know you’re out there!”