The Coterie, Sept 2106

Photo by Heywood Roy

Coterie 2016 at the Javits Center in New York City

New exhibitors? Powerhouse brands? Fashion and business insights? Shop the floor? Advanced contemporary? Evening drinks? Must be Coterie 2016 at the Javits Center in New York City.

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People Are Talking About…

See-now-buy-now: “We have also seen that many of our [Coterie vendors] brands have been focusing on making their collections truly transitional. Collections become seasonless and as a result they can ship the right weight and product mix at exactly the right time for the end consumer to be able to wear the product appropriately across seasons,” Tom Nastos, UBM America president of women’s fashion.

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Expanded retailer visibility: “Coterie is the best platform to be able to interact with a blend of customers. They can see our product in person through a customized experience and that’s the strength of Coterie,” Andrea Scoli, senior vice president of sales for thelbrand.

The benefits of showing as an emerging brand: “What is great about this show is that the organizers help a lot the young brands and they situate them in a very good location, which is something very difficult to see in other show that they place the emerging brands on a tiny corner. Therefore, us as young brand this is a great platform to be so we can really be seen by buyers and press from across the world,” Armando Takeda of his namesake line.

Maximizing technology to reach consumers and buyers: “The digital force is the latest authority amongst editors and celebrities. We will be prioritizing our Instagram and Facebook to communicate about our new collection prior to the show and hope to highlight the season in an exciting way. Additionally, the Coterie team is featuring us [No Ka ‘Oi] as one of the 50 hand-selected brands highlighted during a special installation at the incredible World of McIntosh Townhouse in SoHo. Through this we will be featured on their social media platforms,” Gabriella Diana, marketing manager of No Ka ‘Oi.

Trends To Spot

  • Updated Basics
  • Reworked Oxford shirts
  • Slipdress Mania
  • Cut-Outs
  • Refreshed Hemlines
  • Functional Separates
  • Relaxed Silhouettes
  • New Denim Staples