By Emily Mercer on December 18, 2019

A.L.C. designer Andrea Lieberman dove into the categories of occasion dressing, easy summer wear and transitional fall pieces for pre-fall

“The whole season in three drops takes your from buying your occasion pieces, to your highly relaxed beach moments, to the last delivery, which is true pre-fall with a more urban focus. They’re pieces you’re going to buy with thoughts of wearing into fall, to work and in the city,” explained A.L.C. designer Andrea Lieberman. For pre-fall, the buy-now-wear-now approach took hold. Lieberman’s first drop included true summer offerings, as in textured organza cotton dresses, two-piece sets and scarf-print occasion dresses. The designer’s use of color — which is always an important piece of her collections — was divine, with deep brown, marigold and fresh green options aplenty through each delivery.

Within her second and third deliveries, Lieberman noted the importance of “diving into” her knitwear and pant businesses. Signature compact knits were expanded into a variation of fully fashioned bodysuits and button-up polo tops as well as milano bike shorts and dresses. For trousers, Lieberman questioned, “what’s the space between a trouser and a jean?” Her answer came through over-dyed trousers and fresh twill offerings, pants that held the sweet middle ground of casual-chic. Standouts here included a head-to-green ensemble or ribbed cream knit top with dusty blue trousers. Overall the collection held versatile, effortless options with commercial, and sartorial, appeal.

Courtesy of WWD